Thursday, February 9, 2023


Born in 1976 in Genoa, I grew up in a large Italian family. Between 1994 and 2000, I left home to study law at the University of Bologna. As a scholarship recipient, I studied Human Rights and EU law in Strasbourg (France), International Law in Geneva (Switzerland) and Environmental Law in San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain).


My passion and love of travelling and learning helped me learn from a range of different experiences and jobs: as a civil servant, a waiter, a cook, a sailing ship’s boy, a surf instructor, a surfboard shaper, a professor; a mountain lodge manager. The more diverse the experience, the more I was enriched, challenged and prepared for my professional development.

A lawyer by training, my professional journey first set sail on sustainability and education. Beginning at the European Commission’s Environment Directorate-General to work on environmental governance, in 2003, my course brought me to the International Court of Environmental Arbitration and Conciliation as head of legal affairs. From here to the University of Deusto in Bilbao to teach Sustainable Development, then onto the Basque Government’s Environmental Protection Agency to run the inaugural Centre of Biodiversity.

In 2011, I started to be exposed to Advaita Vedanta classes before revered Swami Vagishananda Saraswati. I realised that understanding our mind, being aware and taking care of emotions that require our attention, so gain inner peace and be able to relate to people with more empathy, living up to one’s values, negotiating conflicts from the emotional angle, are all essential issues we should be taught since an early age. Rather than learning notions by heart, in order to grow into fulfilled individuals and positive citizens, kids need to learn about the workings of the mind and the capacity to kindly hold own’s emotions, assimilating inner values, understanding how to fulfil the human desire to be happy. If we want to see a sustainable and more peaceful world, schools and universities need to integrate self-knowledge and socio-emotional education in their curricula.

Therefore, I have dedicated myself to studying the psychology of Vedanta and west depth psychology with Carol Whitfiled (CIIS). First aiming to grow inside myself; later, working individually and with groups  – educators and yoga practitioners –  to develop self-knowledge, to manage emotions and to commit towards meaningful goals out of non-binding desires, with a proper attitude and values.

My courses of self-knowledge, emotional intelligence, Advaita Vedanta, meditation and one-on-one sessions are currently open online and in-presence in different countries.


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