Anytime we act we are projecting an attitude:

When we meet and spend time with people,

When we enter a café or a meeting, when we are with our family,

When we address our boss, or a waiter in a restaurant, our partner or any person.


We can see others’ and ours attitude through the eyes, facial expressions,

body language, tone of voice, pace of movements, the language used.


Our attitude is not a fixed and immutable entity

On the contrary, you are the only director of your attitude,

Regardless of what happens all around you.


Your attitude is revealing:

It discloses your underlying thoughts about people and life, your understanding of it.

It tells you how you perceive situations,

How you look at people and things.

It shows you in what mood you are,

How much you trust in life and emit confidence to people,

How defensive or insecure you are,

How open or closed,

How scared or safe you are feeling,

How much you are in love with the life you are leading.


See your attitude as the unseen and intangible matrix

Unveiling your personal relation with life and the world.


You can interpret and mold such a matrix,

By acknowledging it and

By discovering its drivers and its triggers.


matrix blu



You can change the matrix, your attitude.

It’s a cognitive change,

Where you recognize your underlying thoughts

Where you differentiate subjective thoughts (perceptions) with objective thinking (facts and reality)

And you commit to objective thinking and to replace subjective disruptive thoughts with constructive ones.


Look at your attitude as a mirror that reflects your inner self.

You can acquire and develop the healthy habit of looking into it,

Catching a glimpse of yourself between the changing tides of with your feelings,

Becoming aware of the way you are reacting and relating to people

and to situations,

Truly seeing how you choose to perceive reality.


Gaining clarity and objectivity about our attitude

Is the first step to be in a position to change and

To adopt a relationship with our reality that we feel comfortable with.

We have the power to choose and emit an attitude that completely satisfies us,

Allowing us to be more grateful, more accepting and flexible, self-responsible

and less petulant, non-judgmental and more cheerful.


We can customize our attitude as if we were our own tailor

sewing together a seamless look.




It is the best dress we can wear, at no extra cost,

except for the investment of getting to know our own bodily measures and limits,

trying on different attitudes

until we let go of the unfitting ones and we find the one that fits and feels good.


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