Friday, December 8, 2023


Despite a high technical expertise of team members, many
organisations witness how the achievement of their goals is
undermined by the professionals’ lack of self-awareness and socioemotional skills.

When the linear logic remains the sole business focus at the cost
of abilities like self-awareness and relationships management,
business performances are hampered and the leadership is out of

Outstanding professionals are defined by their daily choices.
Choices are influenced by one’s self-knowledge and emotional
intelligence rather than technical skills. Self-knowledge and
emotional intelligence count more than technical expertise for
excelling on the job.

An increasing number of organisations understands the value of
promoting and valuing skills such as self and social awareness,
communication and motivation, in order to successfully work in a
team and resolve conflicts.

The revolution that artificial intelligence is about to bring about
will fall into the same gap where the industrial revolution fell:
technological improvements that are unfollowed by the
development of human sensibility, values and attitudes won’t
translate into an improvement of the sense of well-being and
happiness. Nor they will further the social good for the majority of
the population.

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