Thursday, February 9, 2023


Vitanimae training is based on the millenary knowledge of the self,
the mind and the values of the Upanishads, in combination with
the approach of cognitive business coaching.
Training is interactive and participative: it develops through
individual and team practices, dialogue and meditation.
Trainers and professionals assimilate the knowledge and skills
needed to successfully face problems in the business environment
with colleagues and clients, by learning to differentiate all subjective aspects – perceptions, thoughts, feelings and opinions –
from facts and by assimilating the value of valuing other people’s

The training enables professionals to see with objectivity the
underlying thoughts, emotions, attitudes, reactions and behaviour
by which they respond to external triggers and pressure. Through
objectivity, customers are enabled to successfully assess the
impact of decisions and to make unbiased and more evidencebased

Clients learn how to create win-win situations from difficult and
conflictive events and how to respond from a calm mind at peace
within a stormy situation.

Practices aim to sharpen inner and outer focus, reasoned and
critical thinking, the awareness of perceptions and the skills to
direct, lead, communicate and work in a team.
Clients are assigned practices during the training in order to act
out the teaching and to experience the difference between being
led by and leading one’s emotions, attitude and decisions.

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