Friday, December 8, 2023


Guiding you
through self-enquiry
along the path of self-knowledge
To gain a sense of self-approval and acceptance
To acquire inner peace, emotional independence and security for no external reason

By finding clarity and understanding
Who you are
How you are thinking and acting,
based on which values and attitude;
And how you can differently think and act,
Developing your personal values and a constructive attitude
Enhancing integrity between your thoughts, words and actions
Accepting results with a strong and abiding mind

We help you understand and properly process your emotions
Tapping into your unused potential and energies
Opening up to new and more fulfilling avenues
Helping you to deliberately choose your way
Taking care of the whole journey rather than the destination
Of the right means rather than a compulsive end

We lead you to comprehend
the limited nature of desire, goals, actions and achievements
and the lack of connection between a inner sense of self-worth and your accomplishments
We will help you focus inside in order to grow and thrive from within
To live a conscious life
With unconditional happiness by understanding the nature of happiness
To commit and persevere
Aware of the self-development purpose behind your goal
Taking full responsibility for your attitude and your decisions
Taking action and deliberately taking non-action
In the process of moving towards your conscious purposes

We help you shed a light inside
And work hard to create value outside
Holding you accountable and reviewing the underlying triggers

We work from the understanding that
by acquiring self-knowledge we let our life unfold and flow:
We give, receive and give back again, in a harmonious flux.
We learn to focus within,
And we relearn to pay attention
To the present moment and to the present people,
To the here and now,
We regain interest, curiosity and love
For the gift and the privilege of being alive.