Friday, December 8, 2023


Cognitive coaching helps businessmen understand their inner purposes, desires, values and translate them into business action.

Cognitive business coaching focuses on understanding and valuing the right decision to be made, so to generate positive externalities for stakeholders and the environment while generating value for the company. The focus is therefore on learning to fearlessly make appropriate decisions that will never be regretted, no matter what its external result.

We work from the heart of CEOs’ view of  business, value creation and service. Businessmen explore and review their very concept of wealth, success and failure, working by tapping into their own and their team’s inner resources.

We bring to surface the individual true aims behind the company’s official mission.

We look within into the kernel of what CEO value and prioritise so to see with clarity one’s personal reasons for doing what he / she does and doesn’t everyday. These answers are those that always end-up embedding the whole business organisation, strategy, modus operandi and impact on workers and society.

We work with CEOs to create the inside conditions to set a business activity, where the whole team is learning, enjoying and growing, enabled to performed at their best using their own potential and enhancing their commitment out of the trust received.

We work to develop a business where owners & managers understand the externalities of their business activities and are enabled to make aware decisions, taking full responsibility from a space of understanding of the impact into society.

CEO who are looking for a coach’s lecture about leadership, direction, team-building, communication abilities and motivational tools are looking for another, outside-in, approach. The scope of such approach doesn’t deal with the fundamental individual drivers of action. It doesn’t deal firstly with the person: someone who has desires, feelings and goals. It doesn’t promote the inner clarity we need to make conscious responsible decisions, with better or worst results, but made from a space of understanding.

VITANIMAE’s approach is directed to businesses who want to go beyond the sheer change of their external structure and organisation.

As businessmen, we are firstly persons with desires, values, emotions, free will and a given behaviour that affects his well being and other people.

We work to enable entrepreneurs to operate long-lasting inside-out changes, to transpose the CEO’s personal values into the business activity. We work to set the basis for a long-term shift where managers and staff’s values and wants end-up aligning with doing the right thing every time with no fear of failure.