Thursday, February 9, 2023



Gaining self-knowledge starts with your decision to take on the journey of personal discovery, to see yourself with clarity and objectivity and to let go of subjective thinking and wrong conclusions about yourself.

It takes courage and commitment to review our habits of thinking that result in our emotions, the underlying purpose of our actions and the attitude by which we relate with people and life.

It requires determination and guts to identify why we get stuck, why we don’t act in a way that we know is right, why we stopped following our innermost values, why we attribute our satisfaction to fleeting achievements, why we react impulsively instead of being able to respond with a calm mind, with a sense of security about what’s the right thing to do, with no binding expectations on situations and people to be different from what they are.

Self-knowledge leads us to dis-identify with our changing attributes and qualities that we mistake to be our self and let go of beliefs and deluded identifications that don’t belong to us anymore.

It is a journey where one focuses on inner values and purpose to make actions consistent with one’s beliefs and words; where we become familiar with our strengths so to reinforce them as well as with our upsets, reactions and insecurities in order to welcome them and transform them into conscious assets.

You will observe and acknowledge your inside-out functioning, step by step. You will see your self from a more objective perspective. You will take action based on recognising fearlessly what is the right – not necessarily the most comfortable – thing for you to do moment by moment, and how to make the best use of your energy and time.

You will get to take full responsibility for the way you think, feel and act. You learn to embrace the unchangeable, focusing on what you can do to the best of your ability in reference to what you control. You question and redefine your concept of “success” and “failure”. Your unconditional acceptance of yourself grows together with the assimilation of self-knowledge.
In this process, meditating and practicing is everything. Self-knowledge is not a tool to accumulate new notions, but an adequate instrument to appreciate life, living up to values consciously followed.

Anytime you realise that you are living the life you mean to live,
That you are doing what is to be done in any situation,
That you are taking the reigns of your immediate thoughts and of your decisions,
That you are validating and using your feelings to grow and improve,
You feel satisfaction and joy.

Self-knowledge is the way as human beings we are endowed with to understand, welcome and appreciate ourselves, other beings and life as they are.