Thought is the food for our state of happiness and unhappiness:

When we feel unhappy, we are nourishing our mind with irrational thoughts:
My thoughts about how people should behave to make me happy,
My thoughts about how things should be to make me happy: “If only…”
My thoughts about how terrible anything is that is not literally killing me,
This is poisonous food that I eat, ruining my consumption of the life experience.
I feed myself,
And I choose the food that I eat and the food that I stay away from.

We can change our diet by identifying and discarding unhealthy food, our destructive and self-deceiving thoughts.
And by choosing healthy food,
We can energize our thoughts and beliefs.

dragon fruit

My thoughts about accepting people as they are without trying to change them is food for feeling connected.
My thought about our capacity to connect with people’s feelings is food for building more profound relationships.
My thought about my ability to grow and learn from adversities is food for jumping into the unknown, persisting and exploring life.
My thought about the non-importance of my personal drama is food for simplifying life, thwarting the evaluation of my personal wishes and preventing stresses of the little things in life.
My thought about my 100% ownership over my attitude is the food to take full responsibility for the way I feel.
It is food to feel free to change my attitude towards people and situations anytime.

No one else except me feeds my mind.

Whether you are happy or unhappy,
It is you who is choosing and swallowing the food for your mind.
External events or people unfold around you,
But what you think and say to yourself about external events and people determines your emotional state.

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