What is it “to give”?

What does choosing to give spontaneously, beyond people expectations, imply?

How does it feel?


Giving is bringing into the world a piece of our own.

Giving is putting the object of our thoughts independent of our self for a while.

It is focusing on “what can I do for others?”, instead on what others can do for me.


It is trusting that you can contribute.

It is trusting that someone else needs exactly who you are and what you have to offer.

It is allowing other people to receive from you.

Giving is being vulnerable.


Giving is turning our inner values into actions.

It is turning our ideas into projects.

It is leaving a discreet mark on this universe.

It is leaving a legacy to the living beings we meet.


It is creating from within our thought, with our own hands


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It is contributing

It is serving

It is shaping the world in our image and likeness


It is believing in our self

And believing in other people.


It is living connectedness

It is feeling the joy to be here now

The joy to feel connected


Give from your heart

And taste the joy you’ll receive.




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