“Be joyful and perseverant in facing obstacles.
Trust and enjoy the process, do your best
With a graceful attitude, no matter what the final result”
This is an input I give myself in challenging times.

I am reminded of that what I call an “obstacle”,
What I label as “too hard” or “I can’t stand it”
Is the very thing that is making me grow.
That which drives me to overcome situations
Is what at the beginning seemed impossible but eventually surmountable.

I restore broken items that I never imagined to repair, or
Undertake trying tasks or chores
Rather than avoid doing what I am not really keen to do,
So as to open up new avenues I never considered previously attractive.
All of these small and large efforts I choose to accept with a positive attitude
help me feel and become stronger,
Helps me grow out of my former sense of inadequacy,
Growing into a more confident person,
Stimulated to make use of my own inner resources.

I do make a lot of mistakes
But rather than putting myself down for my errors,
I stop to consider the reasons
So that I can make amends,
And truly thank the mistake
For allowing me to learn how not to repeat it,
How to do it differently and better.

Failing does not equate with being a failure:
That may sometimes be our assumption, drawn out of our insecurity
and our fear to undertake the next challenge.
Fear of failure is what stops us from taking action and risks,
Going beyond our current sense of capacity,
Beyond what we have done so far.
There is not such a thing as “failure” as long as we learn out of mistakes
Deep down, as long as we understand how unrelated to our happiness are all these external achievements we aimed at, betting our sense of self-security and happiness on overcoming these difficulties: the are only opportunities to hone our skills and understanding.

Open the gate to your fears:


Take fear by the hand and keep on welcoming and overcoming struggles, difficulties, dramas with a steadfast and graceful attitude!
Persevere when you feel resistance,
Offering instead non-resistance.
Learn from the mistake
And be grateful to the obstacle,

until you will see that hard rock as soft sand.


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