The ambition to become a somebody is a desire to elevate our approval and image before other people and ultimately before our self.

It is an ironic journey we embark on, since we end up deceiving ourselves.

We identify ourselves with some attributes – our body, our success, our career, our car, our humor – and we surround ourselves with people who admire not much who we are inside, but rather such transient elements that we currently have.
Once the attribute is gone or changed, our admiring people are gone too, and our self-image and approval is down in an abyss.

Around us we see rich old men surrounded by young pretty girls. We see people who pay tribute to others with power or fame. Many of us try to find our own security not within but without, in somebody who seems secure. Many of us mistake love for the sense of security coming from another person. We need security. And many of us seek out security more than love.

We become like a drifting raft, which clings to another boat as if doing so somehow seems safer. But the boat is also heavier and it has a bigger anchor.




Once that boat cracks and starts sinking, it brings us to the bottom with it, faster than if we were alone. Insecure plus insecure does not equal secure.

When we search for our security externally,
We are deluding ourselves.
Sooner or later, forsaking inner growth will take its toll.

Building our security from within
Is a rewarding and healthy ambition:
It takes sacrifice to keep the rudder tight in our hands, storm after storm,
Deciding the route,
Keeping far from shoals and enchanting sirens,
Learning to deal with the changing winds and currents,
Harnessing the wind’s power that blows against us,
Only so do we get the whole satisfaction and growth of being the captain
Who decides at anytime what are our harbors and bays.


carta nautica


We develop a stronger mind by being in charge of our direction and decisions,
By learning to dis-identify from temporary superimposed attributes – our curriculum, our success, our beauty, etc.,
By enjoying what we already have and take for granted – the stars, some health, nature, friends etc .- instead of postponing enjoyment while trying to gain something else.
By facing our fears, welcoming them, staying with them and processing them,
Until they are transcended and transformed into understanding and awareness: nothing is to be feared, we can always create love and opportunities in our life.

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